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Eritrean Football Team Disappears in Kenya

The entire Eritrean football team disappeared in Kenya directly after the team was knocked out from a tournament in the capital Nairobi. The Guardian reported that the escapees will join the thousands of Eritrean who flee their home each year to escape a paranoid and repressive regime.

The regime thoughts that the requirement of posting a bond of thousands of dollars will make them come back to a country govern by a cruel regime, forgetting that others who are not fortune enough to travel with a football team are paying several thousands of dollar to flee Eritrea.

When an entire football team defects it becomes a huge embarrassment for the regime and a big blow to its efforts to improve its ugly face latest meeting of UN human rights council. Now we hope that these young people will get all help they need from Eritreans around the world.
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Paintings by Mohammed Bedrum

Eritrea art

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A Permanent Solution to the Border Conflict

Great rift Eritrea Ethiopia
The never ending border problem between Eritrea and Ethiopia might find a permanent solution soon. The solution might come from Mother Nature and not from politicians. According to scientists from the University of Rochester in New York and their colleagues from Eritrea, Ethiopia and other countries, a 35-mile-long rift in the desert of Ethiopia could rip open, creating a new sea in just days.

The scientists say that they’ve confirmed the volcanic activity beneath the rift, discovered in 2005, is nearly identical to the that at the bottom of the world’s ocean and that means the rift is likely the beginning of a new sea. A professor from the University of California, who was not affiliated with the research, called the result a

breakthrough in our understanding of continental rifting leading to the creation of new ocean basins”

If the rift creates a new sea, Eritrea will no longer have any border with Ethiopia meaning no more conflicts and no more excuses for our President Isias Afwerqi. Do you think then he will implement our shelved constitution and allowing democratic election? If the answer is yes then I hope that the sea will be created very soon. There is though a question that bothers me and the scientists forgot to address, the question of Badme, whether it will belong to Eritrea or Ethiopia.

Let me know what you think, comment here

Read more >> African desert rift confirmed as new ocean in the making

The Advent of Islam in Eritrea and Ethiopia

The first Muslims fled perseuction to nowdays Eritrea and Ethiopia, they were well recieved by the ruler of region Ashama or Al Negashi. The companions of Prophet Mohammed migrated to Abyssinia to esacpe cruel perseucation of the Maccan Pagans, they chose Abyssina because of the recommendation of Mohammed. The king of Abyssinia was described as ” a king under whose domain no one will be wronged. Watch the unforgettable scene that shows the greatness of the ruler of Abyssinia and teaching of Islam.

I would like to know your opinion, please leave a comment.

Eritrea fails to pay its bills

According Wikipedia the term failed state is often used to describe a state perceived as having failed at some of the basic conditions and responsibilities of a sovereign government. All the following attributes that characterize a faied state applies to Eritrea:

* loss of physical control of its territory, or of the monopoly on the legitimate use of physical force therein, ( We lost Badme)
* erosion of legitimate authority to make collective decisions, (Issias is the only decision maker)
* an inability to provide reasonable public services, (There is no public service to talk about in Eritrea)
* an inability to interact with other states as a full member of the international community. (Eritrea can not live in peace with its neigbours and have issues with the African Union, USA and EU and now it is failing to pay its bills)

KUWAIT, Sept 13 (KUNA) — The Independent Petroleum Group (IPG) said on Sunday it is resorting to the Court of Arbitration in London (governed by the Rules of Conciliation and Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce -ICC Rules), to obtain an arbitration award confirming that Eritrea and the Petroleum Corporation of Eritrea – PCE (the National Petroleum Company totally owned by the State of Eritrea) should immediately pay IPG the value of delivered petroleum products of around KD 19 million. The IPG stated that both Petroleum Corporation of Eritrea (PCE) and the State of Eritrea acknowledge the debt but apologize for the delay in payment due to the international financial crisis.
The IPG has been supplying petroleum products to the Petroleum Corporation of Eritrea (PCE) for more than 11 years, the statement added.
Despite the confirmations that IPG received from the highest governmental authorities in Eritrea pertaining to the payment of the due amounts, Independent Petroleum Group has decided to submit to arbitration while being sure that these amounts will be entirely collected through the aforementioned arbitration.
The decision of the Company in obtaining an arbitration award through the Court of Arbitration in London (Our lawyers in England are confident that the award would be in our favor due to the fact that the Petroleum Corporation of Eritrea (PCE) and the State of Eritrea, both acknowledge the full amount of the debt and do not object it) aims to preserve our rights and force both Petroleum Corporation of Eritrea (PCE) and the State of Eritrea to immediately pay the due amounts, it noted.
It also gives IPG the ability to collect those dues from Eritrea’s assets worldwide, the statement said.

Old Images from Eritrea

Watch this youtube video showing rare images from Eritrea.

One of the images from the video that I liked most

An Assassination Attempt on President Isaias Afewerki reported today that a failed assassination attempt was carried out yesterday on Isaias Afewerk, The attempt was carried out by a former freedom fighter Lieutenant Daniel Habte. Daniel was shot dead after he exchanged fire with the security of the President.

What do you think about assassinations as away to achieve changes? Would it help us to create a fast change or it put our country at risk?

We would like to hear you point of view.

We have learned that the one who carried out the attempt is not Daniel Habte as it was reported in (, the assassination attempt was in fact done by the brother of Daniel Habte. Daniel Habte is known for is question 1996 to Isias about the legality of the Special Court. Daniel Habte mysteriously died sometime after this incident.

Inteview with Isias Afwerki on Swedish Televsion

Isias Afwerki is giving an interview after another, here he is talking to TV Four, a swedish channel, he declared the mission accomplished and said that his system is better than the Swedish welfare system, called Eritrea as one of the most stable country. Our president also addressed the conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia. This man amazes me, he is talking about South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and talking about their fragile governments and as being proxies of Washington. Watch the interview, it is in English

My favourite quote of the day comes from Issias:

Regimes that are not secure with themselves are very dangerous

AU calls for UN sanctions on Eritrea

When we are preparing to celebrate our Independence Day calls are raised impose sanctions on Eritrea. The latest news reported that the African Union (AU) called the UN to impose immediate sanctions on Eritrea.

The statement from the AU to the UN Security Counsil said that the body should

“impose sanctions against all those foreign actors, both within and outside the region, especially Eritrea, providing support to the armed groups,” and pleaded for the imposition of a no-fly zone and a blockade of Eritrean seaports “to prevent the entry of foreign elements into Somalia.”

It is time for the international community to be responsible and impose sanctions against this brutal regime and hopefully this will lead to a change in our country.


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