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Eritrean Folklore

Check this report from Aljazeera about Eritrean folklore. The report explains the richness of Eritrean folklore that stems from the fact the we have nine nationalities.

Video from Eritrea National Conference

Remembering Our Martyrs

Tour in Asmara

A nice video showing how beautiful city is Asmara

The Most Popular Eritrean’s Youtube Videos

The viewers have spoken, here is the most popular Eritrean vidoes. Number one is Qorchach’s video that in just one year got more than 700 thousands views. Helen Meles has three videos in the top ten Eritrean videoes. Even the baboons of Eritrea made it in the the fifth place ( have you noticed that Eritrean baboons are white?, anyway it is very funny video. Fiska, the¬† popular Eritrean comedy clip also found together other comedy clips

Here is the the whole list:

Breaking News: Coup in Eritrea

Members of the Eritrea army have detained President Isaias Afewerki and top generals in what appears to be the first coup against the Eritrean government.

Reached by phone some minutes ago our source said that gun shot were heard in capital  Asmara but the population is not aware yet about the coup, the whole interview will be published in audio format in the coming hours.

This was our first April joke but we believe that all of us are hoping that a change will come soon in our beloved country