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I visited after many recommendations from many of my friends. To my surprise I found their Radio broadcasting very professional and have a potential of being a real contribution to our struggle for justice and democracy. These kinds of efforts need a lot of support from all Eritreans and what is most important is financial support, thus they are asking for financial help through the website and also supporters around the globe are helping in the fund raising efforts. I think it would be helpful for the fund raising effort if Assenna accepted paying through paypal., the website has a clean design and is easy to use and is full of news from home and interviews. I hope they will continue their work and I urge Eritreans to be generous in their funding. If we aspire to create change in Eritrea then it is very important to create awareness among Eritreans inside Eritrea. Radio broadcasting is the only way to reach those inside the country.

According to EritreaDaily Assena Radio started broadcasting to Eritrea 26 Febraury 2009. The Radio program airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (8:30 PM to 9:00 PM local time)

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5 Responses

  1. Assenna has also the best writers and one of them is Yonas Araya. I just finished reading his article guards of the last fortress, very insightfull one.

  2. Hi First time bounded here on your site, founde on Yahoo. Thanks for the advice!!!!!

  3. What the hell is Asena or whatever?

  4. assenna is very important website from all eritrean website. i believe they are doing a good job to make the eritrean people asking about justice and freedom…. thanks for assenna group once againn!!!!!

  5. we all supporting u! keeping going till our get they reward.( service with out a rewards is a punishment) thets whats happening to our people. we become slave in our nation for one person.

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