: Another brags of being the first Eritrean opposition website but I would call it the first Eritrean opposition against opposition tabloid website. never was original in its content, in fact the whole site consists of one page with attention grabbing tabloid headlines and links to various news sites and of course links to 70 % of its content comes from Shabait.

This website is nothing but an extension of That one day Meskerem was an opposition website does not mean it is now. Hamdan did also run an opposition newspaper ( sponsored by Sudanese authorities) was in opposition until he saw more funding possibilities from the PFDJ. The people behind Meskerem have two goals: trashing the opposition and defending the government. According to the website the calling upon EU to stop funding the regime is equal to giving education to Eritrea’s children and the opposition is just a group that consist of tribalism, fundamentalist and traitors. Nothing good can come from the opposition and PFDJ is providing children education, feeding the poor and developing the country.

Being one of the first Eritrean websites beside the tabloid content makes the website well visited. Because reach of Shabait and other associated websites is diminshing, is supposed to give a boost to PFDJ propoganda and that is the source of our concern.

Tells us what do you think about Meskerem, please comment below.


35 Responses

  1. well said!

  2. If there is one opposition website that has not sold its soul to Eritrea’s sworn enemy — the evil genocidal woyane regime — it is
    Unlike the woyane owned and operated by proxy of traitors websites such as the, and the websites, to my knowledge strongly believes Eritrean sovereignty is non-negotiable, and its webmaster and staff never compromise the sovereignty of the nation and people they have set out to protect and defend.
    That is what distinguishes from the woyane mouthpiece websites such as the

    Come out of the Matrix you agames and traitors. Time is running out for you. You are on the verge of a new Dark Age and it will not be fun. Let the infamous whorehouses of the, and fester and die. Let them wail in their desolation, loneliness and greed ! That is right, you pigs – Game over ! Get real jobs or turn your agame-serving websites into adult websites you Abyssinian whores.

  3. asmarino your hair is to big which is why you cannot balance it properly to proper afro.

    you are blaming others because

    they did not preach hate
    they did not promote the news from voa/bbc/amnesty

    i hope you get paid enough as unsolicited advertisers by proxy, but the sad bit is that i don’t think they even notice you, if feel for you.

  4. In my opinion the main issue is not if a certain website is with or against the ruling party but the truth it reveals. I read with interest the article about the newly formed ATTADAMUN party in Meskerem. I was astonished to read the distorted info the article included about Abu Suhail. He was not with ELF to depart it and all lies followed. Why should a website permits such lies on her pages. I started to put question mark about Meskerem. This month is dear to all Eritreans but there are some who are intending to misuse it. Very disappointing

  5. hej let me tell you something we have to talk something in concrete above things we tallk about well it is as simple as is it to be so understanding to eachother well there wouldn`t be be so much missunderstanding in all discussion.,mainly talking you abraviate the meaning abrvate the meaNING OF THE MOMENT. Well i say peacefull talking to eacother is the most important thing to enyone off uss.

  6. Let me you tell you somthing besides what we say there is something mutual so that we dont get lost on the stupidity on a sychopat mania what eritrean people are livig wiht..Well isay it is by the time we oppen our mind tos see what is imprtant to us so that we dont go wrong same mistake again. In every surcumstance we leave we have the real meaning of our wright so is to anybodys moment to say whre we goingno on.. Waht i want to say to you who see the world is in the other way because you dont dare say what you want to say every place in the world people say thier problem direktly but we play and saybut play unharmed.

  7. i wonder what is the real intention of asmarino?? i think it is onother a typical product of the present regime . what we want now is new ideas and new ways, still seems to be satcked in the past. all its projections and attitudes is highly influesnced by sahle syndrem-which is very devastative . it is very true to call it the other . the loosers are approaching and are writing thier toxic articles there, this shows that this website has got some acceptance by the supporters of the dictatorial regim. it is as evident as the day this is the other side of pfdj koin.

  8. i wonder what is the real intention of i think it is onother typical product of the present regime . what we want now is new ideas and new ways, still seems to be stacked in the past. all its projections and attitudes is highly influenced by Sahel syndrem-which is very devastative . it is very true to call it the other . the loosers are approaching and are writing thier toxic articles there, this shows that the website has got some acceptance by the supporters of the dictatorial regim. it is as evident as the day this is the other side of pfdj koin

  9. i hoped to be in eritrea at this times to refuse the sigh by that folish dictatorian setellment that stope eritrean from their econimical right

    • Evenif, I couldn’t get ur point I can understand u wish u were in Eritrea. I suggest u buy a ticket and go. Why r u advertising it here?

  10. Every Eritean knows about this Junta dictator. he doesn’t care about the people of Eritea.He cares only about staying in power, but the day is getting closer, this vampire, dracula, he will go soon. The blood of the brave Eritrean’s, is not dry yet.

    Long live the peace loving Eritrean’s.

    • dear comentar it is not right to coment on the wrong side know your diginity or nationality if you know Isayas is a dictator how can be a ruller for a long time be or turn to your mind and think for the constraction of the country if you work Isayas never will attack you of your production think for tomorrow or a long sited producer thankyou.

    • Bereket,

      I would love to live in poverty and have a country of my own. As the current president is concerned, I am happy to have him than these who sleep with Meles and ready to sell the country to the highest bidder.At least Esaias fought and still beleives Eritrea is a sovereign country.I want know an answer to this question. Tell me a single reason of these opposition in Ethiopia r better than PIA.

  11. hay brathers i have comment that comment like this 1devel with good man it is never it can,t b/c issias means they think about their peape and their country but they don not wont staying in power pl/s tell us real thank you

  12. It does not mean to lie and to sell your sould to Weyane to be in the opposition. Opposition in essence is that a geniune idea could be reached to the intended goal in this case Eritrea and Eritrean interest in a way that some one thinks is better. Not to blame and curse another one or sale your soul and your dignity to the servant regime Weyane to be an opposition.
    Eritrea and Eritreans I am sure need to talk on which one is better than the other. But in a very modesty and civilized manner.

  13. Truth Speaks,

    Bro.Truth, I really have nothing to add.I wouldn’t say it better.Tx bro. for ur comment.

  14. one day assoon us the government of Issayas will be colapes

  15. abzi hijji ewan hizbi eritrea ab aby shigr shemimwo zelo sirat shabia bhayal kiltsmna kikber eyu kidmi mizizam 2010

    • weyal hasawi abey koinka eka kitdrem.medenageri kab esseia zibelits ab ertra zey kone ab alem aytirekibin eka.

  16. EPDJ or Shabia like before secured Eritrean
    FREEDOM and now build schools,dams,bridges,hospitals,houses in BARKA,,
    in NAKFA,in DANKALIA, in GINDAE,not like u flies
    spreading dieases,we do not want mouses running around buildings.

  17. long live IASSAIS AWERKI the lion of NAKFA,

  18. Asmarino and Meskerem are the same Rats and mouse,both anti
    Eritrean people,both of them they haven’t contribute anything for Eritrea,both of them support terrorists.see they
    record.both of them are enemy of the HERO Eritrean people.

  19. Asmarino support terrorist,meskerem support terrorist,Awate
    are terroristsgroups and live in America.SHAEBIA BEFORE

  20. He is a man of old times -just sticking there- unable to update himself with his changing environment. He possibly has a kind of mental or psychological disorder – this is the best explanation that I can give – he better visit a doctor. He seems incapable even to lead a family let alone a country.

    • what about u ?????????hahahaha

  21. i need some video for ma favorite singers which i can’t see / view them in the other websites so please i need your help in providing me some video for idris mohammed ali and yonas mengestu
    best regards
    nebil. I
    saudi arabia (dammam)
    Tele #: +966535471339

  22. I am sorry for those of saying Esayiase is hero, please i advice you to refer dectionary to know hero mining.
    Esayse is terrerist he is sweming in bloods of Eritrean and he a last criminal and he is working to desapir Eritrea with his position and please try to what is hapen in Eritrea before giving coment.

  23. The only country in the world who have no roll (inistitution) is Eritrea I don`t know how people saport Esyiase as far as i know he creminal and seweming in Eritrean blood so please it is a time to thing about our country before complitly distroy by Esyase

    Samson from Norway

    • what is constitution.why u are so interested.visit eritrea and look what is the fact.the infrastractue in underway will answer ur question

  24. and are holding the bull with the can be an opposition without allying with the archenemy of your can be an opposition without destroying what courageouse and selfless brave citizens are diligently can be an opposition without being regionalist,tribalist and fundamentalist .you are permanently shooting in the do not know where to start and end and the socalled opposition politicians are not different either.

  25. esaias hade koyenu ember kalay salesay enetzehelwo hugus ye ner hademti hadmkum serhkum belu weyka ney sebay abeta nesu zelwa merti kedekum tezarebu bobetakeni hezkin esaias mebeli geni bay wegeni tergum yebelun zenger nedu aynegern kemzbhali nay welkika wekilika nay sebay serhi ember ESAIAS WEDI AFE nezeli alem yeneberi libi merebaweyani hagert zefelti presidente ayrakun abe alem meskin mekan malet kemezeom abe germen america koyenom zewchewechu zelwu korakur memeraki malet sela zekone ketselo wedi afe GEGENA /HERO/GOD BELESS U AMEN HAGERENA SELAM KESANET YEMETSALENA .

  26. kubur wade hagar kamay garn nihgar kinmlas mangde nihsab kab hagar wazae konk zarabh wag yablun salam

    awat nihfash

  27. Our people never seen democracy up to now .90% of Eritrea generation lacks political knowledge due to the successive regimes up to the Wild Isssayas Aforki fro the foreign invadors .Nowadays our name hits the largest migrants in the world ,i don’t know if we can go back to our country i came to united states in 1975 we came to US in litel number at that time but if you see the number of Eritrean migrant and refuge world wide it is very high about 30 % of Eritrean generation is a refugee or a migrant specially from the independence of Eritrea and border war with Ethiopia .Issayas is not a ruler he cant ever lead his family properly ,my friend i am telling you a truth we have never seen such ruler in our history from our mother land he is a gangster he is a lounging by the blood of evry Eritrean i think Issayas is not normal ,specially those who support him they are a sleep they have to wake up

  28. Do you now who Issayas is he is Tigrean his grand father is from tembien Tigray Ethiopia his grand father come to Tselot a village near Asmara Her maother who is refuge in sudan for a long time residing in US now Mdhin Berad is pure Tigrean from Adwa .Issaya is only jio soil Eritrean but jio-sanguine Ethiopian .He is diturbing our people men he must be punished for his works

  29. Eritrea trebesh zela bezom frqi tigray zekonu eya .mebzahteom mesreti Frki gonom Tigrawot eyom Eseyas mes atfaena ezom ab weshtena atyom zezergu zelewu rqi tigray kenetseryom ena

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