BBC Interviews Eritreans Escapees

BBC’s assignment programme reports about the biggest prison of the world “Eritrea”. Pascale Harter of the BBC interviewed many of those young people who escaped Eritrea. Very intersting stories are told by those youngster who suffered under the regime and thier journey to freedom.
Listen to it here


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  1. asmarino the bbc is openly bias and support the opposition group Eritrean opposition groups are the minority in Eritrea i say 5% the majority of Eritreans 95 % support the government full stop this audio is not news worthy because it was purposely made to go into the direction of the opposition members so it bias its funny to so many lies for example the Eritrean government pays for spies come on man they isn’t that clever and for sure they don’t have the hard currency for that. then they say they can’t trust their own families in Eritrea listen brain why can’t it be the majority of people support the government simple and plain yes it sound boring but its true there is no conspiracy believe me i now they don’t have the currency for that especially now in the recessions but the Eritrean people are still going to support the government
    and it’s no surprise to me Eritrean in western countries talk bad about the government how else are they going to get accepted into western countries i.e. permanent residents without a good reason tell me it’s all constructed this human right abuses yes Eritrea is not perfect but it’s totally been blown out of proportion with disproportion punishments telling mean that whoever spewing these lie has a hidden agenda and doesn’t really want to solve the problem

    awet nefshe

  2. How convenient of the BBC, it would not tell you the reason why there are so many conscripts in a war footing for a long time
    or who is flooding Africa with arms.

    The western world can not be hypocrites and lecture Africans about democracy and rule of law while they are the very people that manipulate and break the rules.

    Eritrea has made it clear long time ago that it wants to be self reliant and reject food aid except in emergencies, this has not made it favourite with donor countries and NGO’s ,which both have self interest in perpetuating their business interests

    No one is arguing the situation is ideal, but if the so called international communities are conniving to keep the two countries in constant war footing by not fulfilling their obligation of enforcing UN ruling of the border commission (because Ethiopia is doing their proxy war with somalia).
    What is Eritrea meant to do? Demobilize their people and be invaded by any excuse like their neighbouring Somalia ?
    Or Demobilize their people and revert to the likes of their basket case neighbour Ethiopia, where despite being the recipient of the highest aid in the world (More than $30 billion in 20 years) yet have 12 million in perpetual famine ?
    The report is politically loaded and deliberate.
    May be they prefer to see Africans scavenging for food in the streets of London and Calais because they have no jobs and no purpose in their countries.

    As far as I am concerned, Eritrea is doing a noble thing, if anyone wants to criticize, they should start with so called international community on why they would not enforce the international rule of law that they always like to point out.
    Second is why is Eritrea being penalized when it comes to aid because it refused food aid but is amenable for cash for work programs ?

    And if the western media and are so keen to find where the horror is, it is with the henious regimes that they give red carpet treatment, position and diplomatic cover to. May bee the BBC needs to explain why it is not reporting this ?

  3. Allow me to explain something. If Eritrea succombed to self-serving foreign business entities, such as the IMF, we would not have been witnessing this incessant wave of media attacks on Eritrea.

    “Top 10 refugee producing countries in the world.”

    Why aren’t there reports that “everyone is escaping” from Mexico? If all of those “Eritrean refugees” were “escaping” Eritrea, why is it that most Eritreans return to their country every year? Why isn’t that “reported?”

    Almost all Eritreans that want to leave their home, plainly and simply, want to leave for economic reasons. This is a fact. These “reporters,” rather than reporting, are for whatever reasons, fishing for anything negative about Eritrea to disseminate.

    Another question that needs to be asked is what are the immigration policies of refugee receving nations? For instance, I know that it is much easier to get into the United States claiming to be a “Eritrean refugee.” Is there any way of confirming of these immigrants are indeed from Eritrea, rather than from Ethiopia, a country that suffers over 10 million people dying of starvation? The main reason that Eritrea is targeted is that Western countries have strategic interests that goes against Eritrean interests but the GOE is not licking any boots! The stance by the Eritrean Foreign Minister, Ali Abdu, is shared by the overwhelming majority of Eritreans: “Eritreans kneel on only two occasions, when they pray and when they shoot.”

    With a country that is repeatedly said by the western world to be “tiny,” doesn’t it have a right to defend itself and it’s territorial integrity? And if it’s government deems it necessary for a draft to bolster defense, especially in the volatile HOA, does it not have a right to do so?

    And now, on to Eritrea being a “giant prison.”

    It’s interesting to me that some entities seem to care or, at least, care enough to cry alligator tears for Eritreans, when related business interests are affected. Where were these entities during the Haile Selassie and Mengistu Hailemariam reigns of terror in the region?

    I would like to assure the genuine readers that Eritrea, it’s people and it’s government are working hard towards freedom.. TRUE FREEDOM.

    And to the self-serving Western business and political entities DO NOT WEEP FOR THE WORLD TO SEE, ERITREANS KNOW ABOUT YOUR ALLIGATOR TEARS!

    Brian, if you’re really concerned for Eritreans:

    Vous n’avez pas, Brian, le monopole du coeur.

    I would have wrote that in an African language born out of an African alphabet system but you wouldn’t have understood what Eritreans speak!

    • Hi Haben and all the other people who have commented on denail to the suffering and imprisnment of young Eritreans today, I wonder if you have a degree on blaming others. The reason BBC or other western countries concerned about the eritrean suffering by the Eritrean government is because they have concret evidence from young or old Eritreans of the mistreatment thay have experienced by their government upon applying to live in the free countries of western nations. Some of you have said that the titles such as Eritrea gaint prison was not used during Haile Slasie?. Well Haile Slasie was a colonial power and with all colonial powers Indiginouse people are expected to be the first to suffer and that other medials woudn’t be shoked, as a result the above title is not necessary .The Eritrean people had sufffered greatly during all their colonised history by the Italians and the Ethiopians, but after 30 years war for freedom victory it is sad to see young Eritreans leaving their beloved country choosing horrible life as a refugee. The first few years of freedom was great but since the government introduced endless national service keeping young Eritreans in the military , unpaid working hard using building nation as an excuse is un heard of in the histroy of the world. The Eritrean government gets alot of money from developed country for national development, health,agriculture and education, but keeps the people who suposed to work for uninformed in regards to and donations that gets into the country. Instead there is endless propaganda how eritreans are building the nation in their own without any help from developed nations (btsfrna). The gavernment has stopped the food aid in exchange for money but the people needs food argently, so all Eritreans out there please look a bit further out of your nose and help your people stop looking just in your self and your family and say you are living fine, advocate and be a voice to the voiceless of your Eritrean people. We the Eritreans understand that the present government in Eritrea brought freedom to the Erotrean people in which almos all Eritrean people contributed in one way or another, but after liberation we must admit things can be better and I hope the Eritrean government will give a chance young Eritreans to be what they want to be in the future.

      Zelaalemawi Zkri nswaatna awet nhafash. Amen

  4. way is bbc dont talke abaout ethiopia with all this killing at ogaden peopel when something happen in eritrea every body jamps ithink ther is consperesy against eritrea for some reason

  5. what do you expect them to say they have to say some thing what bbc like to hear I remember when I was in maiami i had firend from Cuba & iask him is that true every body says Castro is bad & my friend told me every one who come from Cuba have to say something bad because thats what the u .s.a. wants to hear so my point is this peopel they cant say they come to work because they going to tell them way dont you work in your country so to live &taker of by the gov they have to say something what bbc want to hear

  6. i don’t know what to say but i can say that those who commented in the above must not be young people.coz they may have eyes but not seen!what bbc said is all true and not exajurated.even what bbc said is only 2% of the suffering of our youngsterd.may God have mercy on u the above criminal boys

  7. bbc.never say nothing abaout ethiopia because meles is thir boy what ever they ask him to he will do it iremeber when the r was an election in ethiopa when the ethiopian milltary name agazi was killing auniversty students &tony b.r minster says mels is adimocratic lidear when he was visiting adisabeba when all this killings happening so it is not sapraise to see bbc talke shit against eritrea because esayas is not a yeser no ser pesident he is not going to be control by u.s. a & british thats wy they try to do what ever to make him look bad &it is not working & bbc is going continu their propoganda eny time for nothing

  8. the Bitrtish are good at mocking weak nations, first they make you weak they divide your people they aid your oppostions they sanction you and when your people scatter they report a very sad news, who will blame all the misfortunes on your Governement.
    well done BBC

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