Eritrean Folklore

Check this report from Aljazeera about Eritrean folklore. The report explains the richness of Eritrean folklore that stems from the fact the we have nine nationalities.


The Most Popular Eritrean’s Youtube Videos

The viewers have spoken, here is the most popular Eritrean vidoes. Number one is Qorchach’s video that in just one year got more than 700 thousands views. Helen Meles has three videos in the top ten Eritrean videoes. Even the baboons of Eritrea made it in the the fifth place ( have you noticed that Eritrean baboons are white?, anyway it is very funny video. Fiska, the  popular Eritrean comedy clip also found together other comedy clips

Here is the the whole list:

More Tigre Music

Here are some more Tigre songs from Youtube, visit for more songs and more information about Eritrean music.

Enjoy these songs now

Beleni’ta – Helen Meles

Gabil Haiet – Ahmed Sheik




Saed Abdalla: Astini mai tsamako

Saed Abdalla: Astini mai tsamako

Osman Abderahim Remix

Finaly i found a song of Osman Abderahim on youtube with a nice video. Osman is one of those who developed Eritrean modern music.

Blen Music

A song by Zereabrukh kidane in Blen “Shamgra e’le”
Eritrea – Zereabrukh Kidane sings “Shamgra ” in Bilen

Shew Beli Bileney

Berhane Haile and Roha Band sings in this beautifull song praising Blen girls and all Eritrean girls, very creative.