Bakhita Ali

Bakhita Ali or Bakita as most Eritreans writes is a creative singer who has inriched Eritrean music in general and Tigre music in particualar for a long time now, here are a selection of her songs, starting with ila Ana Haraika,

And here is another song that i like most


More Tigre Music

Here are some more Tigre songs from Youtube, visit for more songs and more information about Eritrean music.

Enjoy these songs now

Beleni’ta – Helen Meles

Gabil Haiet – Ahmed Sheik




Saed Abdalla: Astini mai tsamako

Saed Abdalla: Astini mai tsamako

Beutifull Keren

I have never seen people loving thier city like the kerenite do, I found this video of this multi cultural city that will make those who love it very happy.  I hope you share with your memories about Keren.  We will also develop a section about Keren so all kind of resources about the city is appreciated.

Eritrean independce day

A song broadcasted by Eritrean Tv during Eritrea indepence day celebration 2007.

Lebela Lebel

Fatma Ibrahim singing Lebela Lebel in Eri TV.

Selam by Alamin Abdelatif

I think most of Eritrean remember this very classical song by Alamin. I just want to thank the person who put it online.  Alamin is one of the most famouse eritrea singers like Osman Abderahim. By the way i didnt find songs of Osman Abderahim, please notify me if you find any in youtube or other video sites.